This Is What Happens When You Eat 1 Grapefruit Everyday


Your Skin Will Become Clearer

Grapefruits truly could be your answer to glowing, healthy and youthful skin (when eaten as part of a healthy diet, they’re not magical fruits that can counteract the effects of smoking, dehydration and stress on the skin).

This is because grapefruits are rich in vitamin C. The body requires vitamin C for healthy wound healing but also in the manufacture of collagen. Anyone who’s seen an advert for anti ageing skin care products that promise the earth will know that collagen has something to do with younger looking skin, but how?

Collagen is a protein that forms a kind of biological scaffold underneath the skin. Along with another protein, elastin, this scaffold supports the skin and keeps it looking plump and full of youth. As we age, we naturally lose collagen which means that the protein scaffold can lose strength in places, allowing the skin to sag and droop, casing fine lines and wrinkles.

Eating vitamin C rich grapefruits can help the body replenish its supplies of collagen to a certain extent, and help us avoid those tell tale signs of ageing!


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Author: eloise
Date: 7 July 2020

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