Hannah De Gruchy | Writer

Hannah is a scientist by trade, having gained her degree in Human Biology in 1999 and working in various food microbiology, police forensic and private pathology labs in London in the decade that followed.

She hung up her lab coat in 2009 when she joined the team at a pioneering online doctor, which is now the largest of its type in the UK, having changed the way certain medicines can now be prescribed.

A few years ago, Hannah tried her hand at freelance writing and has been doing it ever since. Specialising in health, wellness, fitness and environmental issues, she loves using her passion for words and clear science to help spread the word on what it means to look after our own health, and that of the planet.

Eco Warrior | Yogi & Nature Lover

A committed eco warrior and eco worrier, she’s always looking for ways to minimise her impact on the planet, including now being almost fully plant-based (she’ll very occasionally eat fish). She believes that the way for humanity to have the biggest environmental impact is to all do something. We can’t all do it all, but doing something to minimise our footprint on the earth is crucial.

Hannah is a keen (but fair weather) runner and has taught herself enough yoga using the Yoga Studio app to pass as somewhere between a beginner and an intermediate. She adores being outside in the fresh air and truly believes in the benefits of nature for our mental and physical wellbeing.

She tries to live a simple life in her new home county of Essex, choosing natural beauty and cleaning products and eating locally sourced, seasonal foods as much as possible. Staying true to both her way of life and her scientific background, she hopes her words will have at least a small impact on those who read them.

Author: eloise
Date: 8 July 2020