Revitalize Your Body With This Detox Diet


When is a good time to detox? It simply depends on you and your habits. For many, winter is a time of the year where you get impacted by seasonal affective disorder and where poor nutrition habits can creep up on you. The holidays provide a lot of excess that can have a spillover into the following months. When you combine this with a reduction in activity you have a bad combination; spring is a good time to move into a more detoxifying and cleansing phase to shake off the doldrums of winter. So as autumn if you had a summer heavy in fat food and alcohol.

Anytime, really, is ideal to make some nutritional and health changes after all the exposure to inferior foods, additives, and chemicals that may have polluted your body in the prior months. Let’s look at the best approach to revitalize your body and your health.

Author: eloise
Date: 31 March 2019